Adventures in Human Resources: Volume 2

At Omada, we know how hard you have to work to inspire employees to make their own health a priority.  And more and more, HR performance is being evaluated on success in this arena. Because savvy business leaders know that healthier employees can translate to healthier profits. But asking an HR director to keep this particular plate spinning, amidst the whirl of all your other plates, is kind of unrealistic.

Watch Super-Human Resources Director dish this chore to a benefit provider who can prove they have the chops to maximize enrollment and impress leadership. 


Omada has dedicated an entire department to the art and science of employee enrollment marketing. We’ve had great success with populations that are local, dispersed, and mobile, all with their own unique culture and challenges. We’ve inspired tens of thousands of employees to make their health a priority, and we’re ready to do the same for yours.

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