Join the Second Annual Pound for Pound Challenge!

Here at Omada, we believe that the health challenges faced today are temporary -- they can be overcome with the right knowledge, the right reminders, the right relationships and support from a dedicated coach and community. Through personal attention from Omada coaches, support from peer groups and access to the correct information and motivation, Omada participants across the country have taken control of their health and improved their lives.

The holiday season is fast approaching, and we understand this is one of the most challenging times of the year for our participants. Routine-disrupting travel coupled with countless holiday parties, events and gatherings that center around food and drink can make it difficult to stay on track and continue -- or even maintain progress achieved in one’s health goals. At Omada, our data demonstrates exactly what our participants tell our coaches: sometimes, it feels nearly impossible to keep on track with nutritious eating, exercise routines and healthy habits in the time between Thanksgiving and the New Year. To help our participants stay on track as well as help those who are less fortunate, we have initiated the Pound for Pound Holiday Challenge. 

For the second year the Pound for Pound Holiday Challenge will help deliver a little extra motivation for participants, while simultaneously helping another group of people overcome a different set of challenges. The Pound for Pound Holiday Challenge aims to help our participants lead healthier lives while helping to put food on the tables of others who may not have the means to supply a meal for their family during the holiday season. 

Omada pledges that for every pound lost by an Omada participant in the month of December, our company is donating one pound of food to a family in need. 

To do this, Omada is partnering with the leading national hunger non-profit to ensure that our contribution is distributed to food banks all around the country. For one month, the success of our participants will directly impact and deliver food and help for those in need.  We’ll be keeping a running tally of total pounds lost, displaying it proudly at our headquarters, and updating our participants throughout the month. 

At the beginning of January, we will announce exactly how much our participants’ commitment to their goals has translated into support for our communities in need. Last year, Omada participants lost 106,830 pounds! Thanks to the commitment and persistence, more than 106,000 meals went to families in need across the country. This December, we are hoping we can exceed these numbers. A reminder to our participants, by treating yourself well, you can have an impact even beyond your own health and community.