Omada CEO Sean Duffy Presenting at First Ever SXSW Health & MedTech Expo

New for 2015, SXSW Interactive now features a Health and Medtech Expo, as befits a year when tech-driven innovation in health is making huge strides. Every day, another news story breaks about digital health companies that are reinventing and enhancing everything from blood tests to health insurance.

For Omada, the biggest headlines hit this month, when the CDC recognized the efficacy of online diabetes prevention programs — including our flagship digital therapeutic Prevent. That validation was a big win for us, and for all of digital health, making it clear that virtual medicine is, in every way, real medicine.

And just this week, the CDC and AMA announced a new joint initiative to provide patients, doctors, employers, and health plans with digital tools that drive testing for prediabetes and referrals to both in-person and online prevention programs.

Riding on this wave of good news, Omada CEO Sean Duffy will present Hacking America’s Unhealthy Habits (#hackhabits) on Monday at 3:30pm in room 201 at the JW Marriot.


It’s going to be a fast-paced hour in which Sean shares how Omada is leveraging technology, behavioral medicine, and design to help people change the habits that contribute to chronic disease. We’re hoping for a solid turnout of people interested in healthy behavior change, design for engagement, and the use of personal health data to achieve real medical outcomes.

Like everyone at SXSW Interactive, Sean is also looking forward to getting a sense of which ways the winds of innovation will be blowing in 2016 and beyond. Inevitably, the ideas that send things reeling in a whole new direction don’t come from celebrities or major corporations, but from the independent individuals with a single-minded vision that somehow changes everything.

Not headed to Austin? Listen in on presentations here, follow us at @omadahealth for updates, and check back here later this month to see Sean’s presentation on video.