Update: Omada’s Pound-for-Pound Challenge

At the beginning of December, our team launched a new initiative for Omada participants. Understanding that the holidays can be the most challenging time of year for individuals working to reroute unhealthy habits, we hoped to deliver a little extra motivation while connecting our participants to a company-wide initiative. So, we committed that for every pound lost by an Omada participant in the month of December, we would donate one pound of food for a family in need.

The feedback from our participant community was overwhelming. At a time when our coaches most often hear that schedules and environment become renewed barriers to continuing or maintaining success, many of participants responded to the extra motivation. “I only have 5 pounds left to go,” said one participant. “But this is a wonderful idea and great incentive to lose those last FIVE!” Another told us she “really need[ed] this incentive this time of year.”

The results weren’t just anecdotal -- they totaled up to something truly impressive. In the month of December, Omada participants lost 106,830 pounds!

And we’ve kept up our end of the bargain. Earlier this week, we received confirmation from the leading national hunger non-profit that this success won’t just mean improved health for members of the Omada community; it means more than 106,000 meals will go to families in need across the country. Thanks to the commitment and persistence, those who are struggling to get nutrition on their tables will have a little extra help this year.

When we conceived of this idea, we couldn’t necessarily predict how our community would react. But as we received the final total earlier this week, we were truly humbled. To be able to translate the impact individuals in our program are having in their own lives to positively impact others who are struggling was something we felt was in line with our company values. The humbling part? That our participants not only share those value -- they live them, even when their circumstances can make it tough. As a result, we’re hoping to make the Pound-for-Pound Holiday Challenge an annual tradition, and have an even larger impact in 2019.

From our team to all of our participants, let me offer a heartfelt thank you for being part of the Omada community. You stepped up during an incredibly busy time of your lives to magnify the impact of your hard work, on your own health and beyond!