We Are Omada: Emily Foley

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Omada’s impact is only made possible because of the talented, dedicated individuals who come to work here every day. To highlight some of the extraordinary people who make Omada a special place to work. This is the “We are Omada” series.

Emily Foley joined Omada in September 2016 as one of our rockstar Software Engineers within our Engineering team. Check out her interview below!

What made you choose to join Omada?

I loved how mission-driven Omada was. I’ve witnessed family members struggle with health concerns over the years, which has made me take my own health much more seriously. Like any health journey, it’s been challenging at times, but it’s so worth it!

When I thought about the work I wanted to be doing on a daily basis, I knew that I wanted to contribute to a larger purpose outside of myself. Omada’s commitment to helping people live free of chronic disease, and focus their efforts to achieve crucial health goals really moved me. With chronic disease rates continuing to rise at a rapid rate, people need support now more than ever before.

It also didn’t hurt that the engineering team was so friendly and down-to-earth. I immediately felt welcomed by the team and got the sense that our commitment to working for a mission-driven company was the binding force. And it’s true - it’s been such a positive experience working alongside coworkers who are on the same page when it comes to giving back.  

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What Omada outcome are you proud to be working on?

Currently, I’m working to improve the tools we offer our coaches. As you may imagine, our coaches are integral to our program as a whole, so their success translates to the best care our participants can receive.

It’s been really gratifying knowing that the work I’m doing directly impacts our coaches. I have such a deep respect for them. Their consistent support, high levels of interaction, and dedication to their participants never ceases to amaze me!

Can you tell us what you did prior to Omada?

I was an engineer at several small startups, specifically in the ecommerce and EdTech industry. Most of them failed unfortunately, but I’ve learned many lessons from those experiences!

I also worked as an executive recruiter for financial compliance roles, and taught English in South Korea. All of these experiences gave me an even greater appreciation for Omada -- by trying out different roles within a range of industries, it helped me to solidify my passion for working within the digital health industry.

What are your interests inside or outside of Omada?

I’ve been writing short stories and comedy sketches since I was a kid.  As you may imagine, I love seeing stand-up comedy. I also love getting outside for long hikes or camping. In the city, I love roaming around neighborhoods and stumbling upon whatever piques my interest at the time.

What would you tell your first day self?

I would have told myself, “Emily, you’ll become completely comfortable doing exercises in the middle of the office any time of day.” I also would have told myself that I’d learn a huge amount about empathy. When dealing with our participants’ health, we are taking on a very personal and emotional matter. We regularly work on educating ourselves to be more compassionate and understanding of what our participants are going through on their health journeys - that’s the only way we can make a program that really works.

What’s in your “secret stash”? (aka cheat food items)

I’m a firm believer that anything is ok in small portions every once in a while. That said, I will also eat every mozzarella stick put in front of me.

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