Our Response
to Covid-19

The need for accessible, effective digital care is greater than ever, and Omada is committed to meeting the challenge for our partners, customers, and participants.

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Our Promise

Digital Care, Delivered by Real Humans

For our participants with type 2 diabetes and other chronic conditions, the daily challenges of personal care have been complicated by new obstacles. Canceled doctor’s appointments, restrictions on physical activity, and general disruptions to routines have significant implications for the populations we serve.

So here is our promise: at a moment when social distancing is making the need for human interaction more central than ever, Omada’s digital care programs remain designed to amplify the impact of our human coaches, never to replace it. 

Our ability to improve and adapt our programs by rapidly integrating new content, offering our behavioral health program at no cost, and making coach interactions most impactful, are all enabled by technology. 

However, we’ve always known that automated nudges were never enough to sustainably change behavior, even before the current crisis. In today’s climate, Omada’s coaches—and the relationships they’ve forged with their participants—are the foundation on which the effectiveness of our care is built.

Our Actions

Helping Our Participants Stay Connected During Social Distancing
Targeted Coaching Support

These days, our participants have a new set of questions for their health coaches. How do I find fresh food, safely? How can I prevent myself from spiraling, with so much going on? Our professional coaches are reaching out proactively to help participants cope and achieve their health goals.

Expansion of At-Home A1C Test Kits
Since most people can no longer get lab tests done in-person, we’ve expanded the availability of our at-home A1C test kits for our participants with type 2 diabetes.
Connection Through New Communities
We’ve created several new Topic Communities to provide a fresh source of tips, inspiration, and social support during Covid-19. Thousands of participants have already joined spirited and caring discussions around Staying Active at Home and Healthy Eating on a Budget.
New Coping Strategies and Resources
We've introduced a Behavioral Health Program and current Omada participants now have access to new audio resources that we’ve integrated from that program, to help relieve their stress and anxiety as they manage lifestyle changes due to Covid-19.
Enhanced Goal-Setting Features

We’ve adjusted all of our SMART goal options to be more specific to current circumstances. Goals help participants create healthy patterns, even when things are chaotic. We removed goals like “go to the gym” and added categories such as online workouts and breathing exercises.

Context-Sensitive Content Platform
Tips on traveling and dining out are not very useful at the moment! We’ve tuned our behavior change platform, from core content to push notifications, to be mindful of the current environment.
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