We help employers and health plans tackle chronic disease in the most engaging, effective, and scalable way possible.

AMA, Omada Health, Intermountain Healthcare Partner to Reduce Incidence of Type 2 Diabetes

the participant experience

We offer a 16-week online digital health program that coordinates everything people at risk for chronic disease need to embrace lasting change.

Health Coach

Every participant is supported by a full-time health coach who monitors progress and gives daily, around-the-clock feedback.

Smart Technology

We deliver smart technology directly to their doorstep, already synced to their private account - no setup required.

Online Support

Participants are matched with a like-minded online peer group for added encouragement and accountability.


Over 16 weeks, each participant is guided through an online health lesson that tackles the physical, social, and psychological components of their condition.

Games That
Reinforce Learning

Interactive games reinforce learning and help participants make connections to real-world scenarios.

Lasting Habits

After graduation, participants continue to receive support as long as they need. This ensures they maintain - or even deepen - their weight loss and healthier habits over time.

  • Donna Sexton, Director of Benefits, Costco
    success stories

    Costco employees love the feeling of camaraderie that’s at the core of our culture. So we didn’t just want a program that worked. We wanted a program with heart.”

    Donna Sexton, Director of Benefits, Costco
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  • John Camarillo
    success stories

    I’m doing this for my kids. To be around to see them grow up and have their own families. In the end, that’s my real reason - it’s because of them.”

    John Camarillo, 43,
    Member since November 2014
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  • Deb Burke
    success stories

    Omada makes it easy to do what’s good for you. It’s not a chore.”

    Deb Burke, 50,
    Member since November 2014
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  • Mike Imbriano
    success stories

    Omada isn’t a short-term fix. You’re going to have bumps in the road but you learn to push through those and take every day as a new day.”

    Mike Imbriano, 47,
    Member since January, 2015
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  • Ana Ortega
    success stories

    I’m not tired anymore. I see every chance to exercise as a chance to feel even better. I actually enjoy it - it’s part of my routine. ”

    Ana Ortega, 30,
    Member since November 2014
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We tackle four of the costliest and riskiest chronic conditions.

High Blood Sugar

Prolonged high blood sugar levels can lead to heart disease, blindness, stroke, kidney disease, amputation, hearing loss, and dementia.


High Blood Pressure

If blood pressure rises and then remains high for a long time, it can damage your arteries, heart, kidneys, and brain, causing a host of serious health problems.


High Blood Fats

Having an imbalance of fat in your blood stream, or high triglycerides, can contribute to hardening of the arteries or thickening of the artery walls, increasing risk of stroke, heart attack or heart disease.



Obesity is a condition in which excess body fat begins to affect the healthy functioning of various organ and body systems. It’s been implicated in type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and shorter life expectancy.


innovative approach

Pay only for those who engage and succeed.

Our program is designed to deliver a world-class participant experience and outstanding clinical outcomes. What’s more, payers can expect to recoup their investment within 2-3 years.

the average participant



within 16 weeks and keeps almost all of it off for 2 years (and counting!)

behavioral intervention

may reduce risk by


for certain chronic diseases

the average participant

may avoid


in projected medical spend over 5 years