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Feel really, really good about the work you do.

Our Values

Six values guide the way we work and make decisions each day.

Participants First

First and foremost, we must act in service of our participants’ needs above all else. Doing so means building a life-changing digital experience that never stops improving. It also means protecting our participants’ confidentiality as if we are their doctors, trusted friends, and closest confidants.

Empower Partners

We empower our partners by focusing on their goals, delivering undeniable value, and championing them as thought leaders and innovators. We aspire to earn their confidence, commitment, and collaboration with every interaction. And we never forget that doing so, every day, is the only way we’ll earn the privilege to impact our participants.

Swing Big

Always ask yourself: Could this be bigger? More ambitious? More impactful? In our world, there is good, great, and legendary. By swinging big in your day-to-day, you’ll be pulling Omada towards the latter—and extraordinary impact. We will know we’re successful when future epidemiologists credit a bend in chronic disease to our efforts.

Hustle Smart

Rapidly growing companies are resource-limited by definition. You’ll never feel that you have the team, people, or bandwidth that feels comfortable. Success will therefore require hustling smart, not just hard. Use determination, creativity, resourcefulness, and constant prioritization. Figure out what is needed and what is not. And always take time for yourself after a hard sprint.

Be Humble

Our mission is bold, behavior change is difficult, and healthcare is complicated. We strive to be curious and confident while remaining deeply humble. We believe that influence grows through vulnerability and authenticity. Those who seek to be inspired by others will hire people better than themselves and empower their teams.

Grow Together

We achieve more working together than we ever could alone. We seek diversity of experiences, share creative ideas, ask questions, and act with a spirit of collaboration. We encourage productive dissent and actionable feedback, without losing the instinct for kindness, forgiveness, and honesty.


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When it comes to our benefits, we have everything you'd expect (like health, dental, vision, and retirement). But we also strive to keep you as emotionally and physically healthy as possible. To that end:

Omada Program

Free access to our innovative behavior change program (for you and also for someone you love, if you’d like to offer it as a gift).

Flexible Vacation

We want you to take the time you need for yourself and to invest in your friends and family. Plus, of course, 11 paid holidays and a winter break.

Parental Leave

Bringing a new child into your life, via birth or adoption, is wonderful—and hard. We support new parents with competitive leave policies and flexible schedules upon their return (we reserve the right to fawn over any/all children who visit the office).

Running/Biking/Planking Club

We take breaks during the workday to run, bike, or even just plank in random places. No pressure, but everyone is welcome! And if you’re not in the SF office, join us anyway!

Big Salads & Healthy Snacks

For on-site employees, we provide delicious, healthy salads (with tons of fixings!) every day, and fruit and nuts to keep you going (plus healthy dinners for those rare occasions you may need or choose to work a little later than we prefer).

Community Volunteering

Employees from our SF headquarters go out into the community every couple weeks to support local schools, the environment, or mentor underserved youth. We also offer (and encourage!) virtual volunteering opportunities to those working remotely.

Inspiring Talks

We invite inspiring speakers from inside and outside Omada to share their stories with us, or connect across the miles with virtual happy hours every week.

“No Meeting” Wednesdays

We encourage everyone to block off Wednesday for heads down, super focused work. That means we don’t schedule meetings (and hope you won’t either!). And when we do have meetings, we try to make them "block walks" wherever possible, so you can get some fresh air and move your legs (as you stretch your mind)!

Orange Awards

Every quarter, you’re encouraged to give a "shout out" (and a gift, paid for by Omada) to a co-worker who’s doing an incredible job. That means you stand to get wonderful surprises yourself, every few months, from your appreciative colleagues.

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