Frequently Asked Questions

At Omada, we're revolutionizing virtual care across multiple chronic conditions. We help people shift their mindsets to change their health. Do you have questions about how we do it? We are here to help.

What is Omada?

Omada is a virtual care program that pairs you with a team of experts and resources to help you achieve your health goals. Combining the power of human coaching, connected devices, and curricula designed to help you build healthy patterns for life. Learn more here.

The program surrounds you with a variety of tools and support tailored to what you need to succeed. If you’re living with prediabetes, diabetes, and/or hypertension, you can look forward to:

  • A professional health coach for ongoing one-on-one guidance. Coaches are proactive and compassionate, with expertise to help with your condition in ways that work for you. 
  • Connected devices (like a scale, blood pressure monitor, and/or glucose meter) automatically synced to your Omada account.
  • Weekly interactive lessons to help you explore physical, social, and psychological components of healthy living, including the essential knowledge and skills to self-manage conditions like diabetes and hypertension.
  • An online community of peers with similar health conditions and challenges for real-time encouragement, sharing, and support.

Omada presents a new area of focus each week, covering topics relevant to your health, whether that's changing food habits, getting active, monitoring blood pressure, learning from challenging situations, or learning how to take insulin. The weekly topic is supported by an interactive lesson, conversations with your personal health coach, and other program features.

In addition to this underlying framework, coaches can work with you to identify areas that YOU want to work on: everything from understanding your blood glucose numbers to checking your blood pressure using the right technique, to engaging your family and friends to help support you in making changes.

These personalized features can help you achieve and sustain your unique health goals one step at a time.

Program length varies depending on your health benefit coverage and unique health goals. Most members typically remain in the Omada program for at least one year.

Omada is personalized to support people as their needs evolve, whether you have overweight or obesity, and at risk for or living with ongoing health conditions. This includes people living with prediabetes, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, anxiety, and depression. Please speak to your human resources department to find out what conditions are covered under your plan, or check your eligibility here.

Quite possibly! Adult dependents (18+) who are covered under a qualifying health plan, and meet the clinical enrollment criteria, may be eligible. Also, in certain instances, eligible dependents 13+ may be eligible for the Omada for Joint & Muscle Health  program. Refer to your health benefit documents for details.

• Find out if you’re covered:  Visit the Omada web page provided by your organization or  check your coverage here.

• Check your clinical eligibility:  Complete the application. If you’re eligible, you’ll enter brief contact and health information.

• Set up your account:  Once accepted, you'll create a password and answer some health questions to set up your private account.
The Omada team will pair you with a health coach and a peer group, and ship you a Welcome Kit before your group kicks off.

If you’re signing up through your employer or health plan, our Prevention, Diabetes, and Hypertension programs are offered at no cost to you. Our Joint and Muscle Health Program is ​​subject to deductibles, copays and co-insurance as determined under your health plan. To sign up, visit the custom Omada web page for your specific employer or plan. If you're not sure of your URL, contact your HR or member services department, or contact Omada by email at, or by phone at (888) 409-8687.

Congratulations, you've made the first step down the path to good health, and we look forward to working with you to get you there. What happens next varies depending on which program you are accepted into:

• If you applied to our Diabetes, Hypertension, or Prevention programs, you’ll soon receive an email from letting you know if you’re accepted. If accepted, the email will provide instructions on setting up your Omada account online. You can set up your account on your own time—no strict deadline, but the sooner you set up, the sooner you can start. You’ll be assigned a group within a couple of weeks of setting up your account. Please be advised that we may choose not to kick off new groups on the Sundays before or after major U.S. holidays. These holidays may interfere significantly with shipping out devices or group communications and activities. If you sign up near a holiday, we'll stay in touch and may delay your kickoff.

• If you applied for our Joint & Muscle Health Program, you should receive a text message from Omada with a link to download the Omada for Joint and Muscle Health app. Once you download the app and sign in, you can select either Injury Prevention or Treatment tracks based on your needs. If you are experiencing an injury or pain and opt into the Treatment plan,  you will be prompted to set up an appointment with a licensed physical therapist to diagnose and treat your aches and pains.  After signing up, you may be able to meet your physical therapist as soon as the next day.


The first official day of Omada is the Sunday when your group kicks off. The full Omada experience will become available to you on this day. While you’re not required to log in on Sunday, it's recommended that you get acquainted with the site and your group as early as possible in Week 1. You can begin your daily and weekly program tasks, including weighing in, tracking food, and completing lessons. On your home page, you will see information about your group members and your health coach. On your progress page, you’ll see your health data and have the opportunity to tell us more about what is motivating you to join the program, as well as upload a photo if you choose.

On your first day you will meet with our physical therapist who will diagnose and treat your aches and pains with a personalized treatment that adjusts with you and fits within your busy life.  A few considerations for your first appointment:

  • Your appointment will last 15 - 25 minutes
  • Your provider will call you via the Omada for Joint and Muscle Health app
  • They'll ask background questions and have you demonstrate motion in the impacted area

How to prepare:

  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Find a quiet space with decent lighting and room to move around
  • Charge your device and make sure you have internet connectivity
  • A few minutes before your visit, open the Omada for Joint and Muscle Health app and wait for your therapist to call

Yes. All members in our Diabetes, Hypertension, and Prevention programs are paired with an Omada health coach who works alongside the member for the duration of their journey in Omada. Health coaches leverage that ongoing relationship and knowledge of health history to deliver support that’s highly personalized and impactful. This long-term, trusting relationship provides a foundation for establishing healthy patterns. All of Omada’s coaches are trained to take a holistic approach to help members identify patterns to change, as well as giving them the skills needed to overcome barriers to a healthier lifestyle. Change can be challenging and bring up uncomfortable feelings and sensations - our coaches are there to support members through this journey to help them achieve their health goals.

Members in the Treatment track of our Joint & Muscle Health program are paired with a licensed physical therapist who will provide ongoing support, care plan adjustments, and more. All Omada physical therapists deliver one-on-one guidance to help members reach their joint and muscle health goals.

Health coaches are available via the in-app group board and private messaging. Your health coach is present to guide and support you throughout the program. Omada asks members to take the lead in setting the tone for their relationship with their coach, as every member is looking for something slightly different from this relationship.

Your licensed physical therapist will be available during scheduled video visits and via chat using the Omada for Joint and Muscle Health app.  You can send videos of yourself completing exercises or self assessments directly to your physical therapist for review via the app. Your physical therapist can also send your personalized care plan to you via the app and update it regularly based on your progress.

Omada’s health coaches are trained to meet the unique needs of their members.Our coaches are trained using the Diabetes Training and Technical Assistance Center (DTTAC) lifestyle coach program, which is the program used to train health coaches for diabetes prevention programs that follow the CDC’s Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program (DPRP) guidelines.

For our Diabetes program, our specialists are Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (CDCES) and are trained in Omada’s diabetes-specific tools and best practices.

And, for our Hypertension program, our  specialists are trained in Omada's hypertension-specific tools and best practices.

Additionally, Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW)  work behind the scenes to help coaches provide the best care for members who may be facing elevated levels of anxiety or depression. 

For those members in the Treatment track of our Joint & Muscle Health (MSK) program, you will be matched with one of our physical therapists who holds an unencumbered license to practice in your state of residence.  On average our physical therapists have 10 years of experience in practice.  In addition to completing the continuing competence requirements to maintain licensure all of our therapists have completed Omada's extensive curriculum on the best practices for delivering physical therapy remotely.

If you join the Prevention, Hypertension, or Diabetes programs, you’ll be matched with a group of other people who are starting and experiencing the Omada journey together. Your group mainly interacts through a simple conversation board. You can post new topics—like your thoughts, a question, or an update about yourself—or you can reply to another group member with a comment. Your health coach uses the conversation board, too. In addition to this group, you will have the option to join a series of topic-based communities to connect with people with similar interests and challenges as you.

If you're in our Prevention program or if you are in certain other Omada programs and meet the clinical requirements, your Welcome Kit includes your Omada scale, which is a digital scale connected wirelessly to your Omada account. This means that your daily weigh-ins are automatically transmitted to your private profile, where your weight progress is available to you and your health coach. The scale uses a cellular network for transmission. No Wi-Fi is needed, and no setup is required.

Please speak to your human resources department to find out what devices are covered under your plan. Omada may provide connected devices for those who are clinically recommended to self-monitor for both blood pressure and blood glucose—with as many test strips for blood glucose as you need. All members will have access to manually enter glucose and blood pressure data and gain personalized feedback from your health coach based on your readings.

Yes, all the tools that are provided by Omada during the program are meant for members to keep.

You’ll weigh in regularly throughout the program as soon as your group kicks off. In addition, you’ll monitor both blood pressure and blood glucose (as applicable) regularly, and can start as soon as your group kicks off.

Once you receive your exercise kit, your physical therapist will give you direction on which components you should use as part of your care plan and how to use each of those.

As Omada is a lifestyle program and not a diet or quick fix, the weekly lessons focus on whole life changes. Every week, new and engaging content is released to cover topics like nutrition, stress management, time management, and problem-solving skills. Lessons typically take about 15 minutes per week. Members also receive links to optional research and articles.

The Omada program does not prescribe a meal plan or tell you what you can and cannot eat. Instead, through lessons, food tracking, and the guidance of your health coach, you’ll learn how to make the healthiest possible choices for yourself independently and sustainably. If you follow a particular diet for cultural, religious, or medical reasons, or by choice, your health coach can work with you to take the information learned in lessons and apply that learning to your unique lifestyle.

Because Omada focuses on building healthy habits that you can sustain over time, you will be able to share pictures or descriptions of what you eat with your care team. Awareness of what you eat is important to long-term health, and having personalized feedback will help you make sustainable lifestyle choices.

Participation in Omada can take 2-3 hours per week on average, although the time spent implementing lifestyle changes is difficult to measure. Fortunately, the online format means the time you spend can easily adapt to your schedule.

There is no certain time you must log in at the beginning or throughout the program. You can always complete daily and weekly tasks when it is convenient for you. The Omada website and app are available to you at all times.

We really think you'll like our program, but we understand that the realities of life can make it difficult to fully commit. If you would like to cancel your account for any reason, please send us an email at

Your small group members will have access to limited information about you as you go through the Omada program together. Group members can see each others' photo (if you choose to upload one), first name, and hometown, and they can read the introduction note you write. Concerning your progress through the program, your group can see when you last logged in, your lesson completion progress, your individual posts to the group board, and a progress bar that measures your weight loss as a percentage (without sharing your actual weight).

As a healthcare company, Omada takes security and member privacy very seriously, and operates in accordance with all applicable privacy and data protection laws. The company employs best-in-class physical, technical and administrative controls to protect personal information. You can learn more about Omada’s use and protection of personal information by reading the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.


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