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The Basics

What is Omada?

Omada is an innovative program designed to help individuals lose weight, which has been shown to help reduce behavioral risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes. The program is based on clinically-proven science and focuses on guiding participants toward reaching their goals through nutrition and behavioral changes. Omada brings together the individualized attention of professional health coaches with a researched curriculum and manageable but powerful goals. The Omada program is a profound, lifestyle-changing experience.

How is the program structured?

The Omada core program is organized into four phases: Changing Food Habits, Increasing Activity Levels, Preparing for Challenges, and Reinforcing Healthy Choices. When you graduate from the 16-week core program, you can stay connected to your group and continue building a healthier lifestyle during Sustain, the long-term extension of the Omada program. Sustain keeps you connected to all the tools and resources of Omada along with shorter weekly lessons and a larger community of Omada alumni.


Who is eligible for Omada?

Omada is available to people who want to lose weight, including those who have been diagnosed with prediabetes and to those who are at high risk for type 2 diabetes. The program focuses on weight loss through nutrition, physical activity, and behavioral change. You can determine your risk of prediabetes by taking the CDC Prediabetes Screening Test.

You can sign up for Omada independently, but your company or health care provider may cover some or all of the cost. Please speak to your human resources department to find out more, or apply now as an individual.

Do I have to be diagnosed with prediabetes to participate?
No, although your risk factors for type 2 diabetes are considered. Omada focuses on weight loss through modest lifestyle changes, and is beneficial for people who want to lose weight, including those who have been diagnosed with prediabetes or who are otherwise at high risk for diabetes.

Sign-up, Cost, and Getting Started

How do I get started?

Join Omada in two simple steps:

  1. Sign up (2 minutes). Visit or your company or health plan URL and click "Get Started." Here you'll enter brief contact and health information for our program advisor to review.
  2. Set up your account (15 minutes). Once accepted, you'll create a password and answer some health questions to set up your Omada account.

Finally, the Omada team will match you into a peer group, pair you with a health coach, and ship you a special Welcome Kit before your group kicks off!

How much does Omada cost?

You can sign up for Omada as an individual or through certain health plans or employers. If you are signing up as an individual, you can fill out an application and view pricing by visiting

If you are signing up through your employer or health plan, the program will be fully covered. To sign up, visit the unique Omada URL for your specific employer or plan. If you're not sure of your URL, contact your HR or member services department, or contact Omada by email at or by phone at 1 (888) 409-8687.

I just applied to Omada. What happens next?

Congratulations! You've made the first step down the path to good health, and we look forward to working with you to get you there. 

Please be advised that we may choose not to kick off new groups on the Sundays before or after major U.S. holidays when those holidays may interfere significantly with shipping or group momentum. If you sign up near a holiday, we'll stay in touch and may delay your kick off by one week.

What will I do on the first day of the program?

The first official day of Omada is the Sunday when your group kicks off. The full Omada website will become available to you on this day. This is when you are expected to begin weighing in and tracking your food daily. While you are not required to log in on Sunday, it's recommended that you get acquainted with the site and your group as early as possible in Week 1. You can begin your daily and weekly program tasks, including weighing in, tracking food, and completing lessons. On your Home page, you will see information about your group members and your health coach. On your Progress page, you will see your weight chart and add a motivational phrase and photo.

Small Group and Health Coach

What will group interaction be like?

You will be matched with a group of other people who are experiencing the Omada journey together. Your group mainly interacts through a simple conversation board. You can post new topics, like your thoughts, a question, or an update about yourself, or you can reply to another group member with a comment. Your health coach uses the conversation board, too.

How do I communicate with my health coach?

Health coaches are available via the in-app group board and private messaging. Your health coach is present to guide and support you throughout the program, so how you communicate depends on your own needs and preferences.

Tools and Lessons

What type of scale is included?

 Your Welcome Kit includes your Omada scale, which is a digital scale connected wirelessly to your Omada account. This means that your daily weigh-ins are automatically transmitted to your private profile, where your weight progress is charted and shared only with you and your health coach. The scale uses a cellular network for transmission. No Wi-Fi is needed, and no setup is required.

When do I start weighing in?

Your commitment to weigh in daily throughout the program begins on your group's kickoff Sunday. As soon as you receive your Welcome Kit, you can unpack it and set up your scale. Then start weighing yourself on a daily basis to test the scale and get used to the habit.

What are the lessons like?

Each week unlocks new lesson. Because Omada is a lifestyle program and not a diet or quick fix, our lessons focus on whole life changes, including stress management, time management, and problem-solving skills. Lessons typically take about 15 minutes per week. Participants also receive links to optional research and articles.

What will I eat?

The Omada program does not prescribe a meal plan or tell you what you can and cannot eat. We don't encourage a crash-diet mindset. Instead, we work with you through lessons, food tracking, and the guidance of your health coach to learn how to make the healthiest possible choices for yourself independently and sustainably. If you follow a particular diet for cultural, religious, or medical reasons, or just by choice, your health coach can work with you to take the information learned in lessons and apply that learning to your unique lifestyle.

Because Omada focuses on building healthy habits that you can sustain over time, you will not be asked to count calories during the program. Awareness of what you eat is more important to long-term health than counting every calorie, and it's also a more sustainable lifestyle choice.

Time Commitment

What is the time commitment for the Omada program?

Participation in Omada can take 2-3 hours per week on average, although it can take more time and the time spent implementing lifestyle changes is difficult to measure. Fortunately, the online format means the time you spend can easily adapt to your schedule.

See how the Omada program works »

Is there a certain time I must log in on the first day? During the rest of the program?

There is no certain time you must log in at the beginning or throughout the program. You can always complete daily and weekly tasks and interact with your group when it is convenient for you. The Omada website is available to you at all times. We're depending on you to spend some time every week to contribute to the camaraderie in your group.

How much time should I set aside for the first day? For the rest of the program?

While there is no certain amount of time required for the first day, there are general guidelines for the program as a whole. Participants are expected to spend a few hours each week completing weekly lessons, participating in the group discussion, communicating with their health coach, and tracking their health. This can take 2-3 hours per week on average, although it can take more time, and the time spent implementing lifestyle changes is difficult to measure. Fortunately, the online format means the time you spend can easily adapt to your schedule.


What if I want to cancel my membership?

We really think you'll like our program, but we understand that the realities of life can make it difficult to fully commit. If you'd like to cancel after 2 weeks, we can close your account and stop future charges. Just send us an email at and we will process your cancellation.


What personal information will be shared with my group?

Your small group members will have access to limited information about you as you go through the Omada program together. Group members can see each others' photo, first name, and hometown, and they can read the introduction note you write. Concerning your progress through the program, your group can see when you last logged in, your lesson completion progress, and a progress bar that measures your weight loss as a percentage without sharing your actual weight.

What privacy measures are in place?

We understand that your personal health is private, and we take that seriously. You can find out more by reading our Privacy Policy and our Notice of Privacy Practices.