Why Our Customers Choose Omada For Virtual Chronic Care

Leading organizations consistently choose Omada's virtual care solutions to improve the health and wellbeing of their populations.

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“Simplicity is definitely what we like and value about Omada, and the success stories are overwhelming...”

Benefits Manager
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“We look for programs that are accessible, easy to use and drive ROI. Omada made this really easy."

JPA Manager of the REEP organization
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What Our Customers Say About Omada’s Virtual Care Programs

Our customers support their member populations with virtual care that is compassionate, connected and sustainable.

State of Alaska

“Alaskans are looking for a way to access wellness services on their own terms, their own schedule and in nontraditional environments. We are pleased with Omada’s focus on making wellness and prevention programs readily available in communities where utilization of services may be limited.”

Julie Shasteen, PHD, Diabetes Prevention & Control Program Manager
St. Louis County, MN | Government Organization

"We were blown away by the engagement. Our employees just gravitated towards this program. After one year our diabetes prevalence dropped from 8% to 5% – we were thrilled.”

Beth, HR Benefits Advisor
Metro Nashville Public Schools

“With over 1000 enrolled, our members are not only losing weight but also learning how to change behaviors to improve their long term health. Omada effectively leverages technology, social support, and empathetic counseling to enhance the health of our employees and their dependents.”

David Hines, Executive Director, Benefits
Case Study

Essentia Health achieves high enrollment and engagement through social proof and partnership

As an integrated health system with a large Population Health Program, Essentia needed a virtual care solution to accommodate the health system’s employees who work round the clock.




Clinics in three states

125 %

Essentia surpassed target Omada enrollments

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