Participant Spotlight: Alesia

Omada enrolls thousands of people every month, each of those enrollees represent a relatable, interesting, and sometimes heartbreaking story. Every Sunday with new enrollees means we are now responsible for shepherding even more people (and their families) through a life-changing journey at a critical juncture for their health.

The stories behind those numbers are the most important part of the work we do. So, this year, we’ll be featuring at least one participant story every month. The hope is that bringing successful participant journeys to the forefront will inspire others, either to join Omada, or push through their struggles in the program.

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This month, we’re highlighting Alesia, 49, from Pine Springs, MN. Though her days are always demanding, and packed with responsibilities -- including caring for her seven children --  she’s still found a way to dedicate time to the Omada Program and create her healthiest lifestyle in years.

Alesia was actually the second person in her family to join the program. “My husband had been doing Omada for about 6 months,” she said. “He would tell me kindly that I need to stay active for life. I finally said, ‘OK, after the holidays.’ Baking was such a tradition for me that I couldn't bear to start the program over the holidays. I also wasn't about to be caught dead in a gym. But I did need help.”

The first plunge into the program was not easy for Alesia, but she found a way to keep her head above water and stay afloat during early issues. “EVERYTHING was challenging at first,” she said. “I hated water, and needed to add flavors. I WAS NOT going to the gym! Giving up emotional eating at 10pm was really hard. The most challenging part was just plain releasing the control that food had over me.”


In time, she started to feel more comfortable and found a way to make Omada part of her everyday life. “I loved my group, hearing their stories, struggles, and successes -- and most of all, watching those little green progress bars grow around our pictures,” she said. “Weighing in daily was essential, and the step counter was wonderful to help me start moving. The lessons being released on Sundays were perfectly timed, and I looked forward to them. I love the community aspect. I am really pleased with Omada, and that it doesn't count calories, but promotes healthy eating. It took about 30 minutes a day (and soon more with exercise) to do the program successfully. At first that seemed hard, but I learned it was necessary for my health.”

Her hard work paid off tremendously as the months moved further along, and she noticed a variety of life improvements, including feeling a greater sense of confidence and peace. “I have struggled with confidence for awhile, but I definitely have more inner strength now than before. I care much more about healthy living. I am not controlled by what others think or say as much (but that's still a struggle), and I can walk away from food that I used to cling to like a ball and chain. I also grew .25 inches because I am confident and stand with better posture.”

The family she loves, and devotes so much of her time to, has noticed and applauded all her improvements as well. “I have one son who is very health conscious and lost a lot of weight himself. He was constantly telling me ‘Great job! I didn't know that was you from the back.’ (because I had lost so much weight), hugging me and lifting me up because I am lighter. My mom said that I hadn't looked this good in years.”

With her renewed sense of confidence, peace, and control, the future looks bright for Alesia. “Through Omada, I have learned how to eat healthy foods and portions,” she said. “I feel better overall because of it. I still have struggles (believe me), but Omada has given me the tools to help face those struggles head-on, just like facing a giant with a stone. Thank you, Omada!”

Congratulations, Alesia! We’re proud of your success and thank you for sharing your story.