A Letter from Omada's Co-Founders

Omada will never stand in the shadows when it comes to inequality. We won’t offer platitudes or pay lip service to the racism, police brutality, and systemic oppression against Black Americans. We will endeavor to listen, to educate ourselves, and to create long-term change, starting in the communities in which we work and serve.

Here are the immediate actions we’re taking as we build our longer-term approach:

  • We are donating this week to organizations in the Bay Area, Minneapolis, and Atlanta that are supporting the fight against injustice and racism.
  • We are identifying volunteer opportunities for Omadans at organizations in our local communities that are creating impact now and longer-term.
  • We are providing anti-racism education to all Omadans, and commit to reinforcing that education in our company culture as part of our core values.
  • We’re sharing resources company-wide that we have found valuable in addressing racism and creating change in our criminal justice system and police practices.
  • We are providing forums for Omadans to connect, ask questions, share resources, and process emotionally.
  • We’re doing our best to listen and learn. We know that leadership of this movement should belong to those who have spent years of their lives trying to address these issues.

Finally, and closest to home with respect to what Omada can do for the world: systemic racism, inequality, and institutionalized violence are healthcare issues. Black Americans have been disproportionately affected by Covid-19, and this represents a broader problem of trust and access to health care. We are actively studying ways we can fight the factors that put communities of color at a health disadvantage, and how we can make Omada’s program an exceptionally accessible and trusted environment.

We stand against racism, police brutality, and the unjust oppression of people of color in this country. We stand for the value of black and brown lives; gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans lives; and the lives of all of those facing discrimination or oppression. And we stand with the many brave people and organizations doing important work to change an unjust system.

Sean and Adrian