The Results Are In: Pound for Pound Holiday Challenge 2019

Last month, we launched our second-annual Pound-for-Pound Challenge. Understanding that the holidays can be the most challenging time of year for individuals working to develop healthy patterns, our intention was to deliver an extra ounce of motivation while connecting our participants to a company-wide initiative. 

We’re excited to share that for the second year running, our Pound-for-Pound Holiday Challenge has been a huge success! Throughout the month of December, for every pound an Omada participant lost, we committed to donating a pound of food to a family in need.

Last year’s reception of the challenge left us astounded, and the 2019 Pound-for-Pound Holiday Challenge results are just as impressive. In the month of December, Omada participants lost 153,435 pounds—that’s 50k pounds more than last year! This year’s final tally is a display of pure perseverance on the part of all our participants.

Thanks to everyone’s commitment, we were able to donate over 150k meals to families in need across the country. Not only did our participants maintain their healthy habits in the face of temptation, but their efforts made a widespread impact in homes across the country.

For our team to all of our participants, I’d like to offer a heartfelt thank you to the Omada community for your enthusiasm and commitment. You stepped up during an incredibly busy time of lives to magnify the impact of your hard work on your own health and beyond!