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Compliance in one click

Comply with the latest USPSTF clinical guidance
in a highly effective, scalable, and easy-to-launch way.

what’s the new guidance?

It’s a historic moment for preventive medicine.

In August 2014, the USPSTF recommended that all adults who are overweight or obese and who have an additional cardiovascular risk factor (like prediabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or metabolic syndrome) receive intensive behavioral counseling.

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1 Temkin Group Insight Report “Net Promoter Score Benchmark Study, 2014”
2 Omada Health Net Promoter Score Survey. Q1 2015


In order to meet the compliance deadline of January 1st, 2016, commercial health plans should follow careful implementation milestones to allow time to consider and validate program options.



We’ve collected all the key documentation you’ll need to determine how best to follow the August 2014 USPSTF recommendations.


USPSTF Recommendation

Full-text article that cites rationale, clinical considerations, and implication guidance.

download pdf


Clinical Dossier

Detailed review of the Diabetes Prevention Program clinical trial and Omada applicability to the USPSTF recommendation.

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Hooper Lundy Bookman Memo

Description of Omada's eligibility for “first dollar coverage” as a preventive benefit.

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Omada Program Summary

Summary of Omada Health’s innovative, evidence-based digital program that meets USPSTF guidance.

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