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care, at scale.

Omada’s individualized programs deliver meaningful clinical outcomes and cost savings across your member population.

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84%* of people want a real person involved in their care.

That’s why Omada is people-first digital care. From our partners to our members, our programs are designed around what really matters: people.

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A proven digital care solution you can trust.
High engagement

Omada fits seamlessly into the lives of members with easy, 24/7 program access. In fact, the average member engages about 31x per week.**

Industry-leading security

Omada holds both a HITRUST Certification and a completed SOC 2 Type II Audit.

Easy to implement

From onboarding to reporting, we’ll make the process as simple as possible for you, your customers, and your members.

Real outcomes. Real appreciation.

80% of members feel more appreciation toward their health plan for choosing Omada.

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Return on investment

Savings in <1 year

Our health plan partners have seen cost savings from health claims in under one year.***

Lowered medical costs

$1,000+ savings/member

Omada for Prevention led to medical cost savings of $1,169 per member in the first year.****

Success-based pricing

Only pay if members enroll

Omada can be billed directly through medical claims.

Five programs.
One digital solution.

Real life is unpredictable. Chronic disease shouldn’t be. Omada drives real health outcomes with five easy-to-use programs.
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See clinical outcomes and in-depth analysis from Omada.

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“I think it’s very easy for people to participate in the Omada program.”

Timothy Graham, Intermountain Healthcare


“With Omada, we were able to enroll a significant number of people in a shorter period of time.”

Rakesh Patel, Neighborhood Healthcare

Medical Director of Operations

“Omada...provides an experience unlike anything else offered in healthcare today.”

Dr. Craig Samitt, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota

President & CEO

*Omada 2019 Consumer Landscape Survey in partnership with Ipsos; n = 2,007 US adult consumers across a variety of demographics.

**Omada member data from Oct 2018 - Sep 2019, average engagement points per week in the first 16 weeks for participants who complete 4+ lessons. 

***Across independent claims analyses, the amount of time for employers to recoup their investment in Omada ranged from 6-24 months: (1)  Blue Cross Blue Shield health plan partner’s claims analysis, completed 2017; and (2) Cigna press release, issued September 18, 2018. Cigna Expands Personalized Diabetes Prevention Program in Collaboration with Omada Health. The estimated cost savings were calculated by the health plan based on the outcomes of its population included in the analysis (i.e., weight loss). Actual participant outcomes, and the resulting cost savings achieved by a customer, will vary by individual and demographic factors.. Medical costs savings exclude the cost of the Omada program and are annualized from the PMPM analysis.

****Castro Sweet C, Bradner Jasik C, Diebold A, DuPuis A, Jendretzke B. Cost Savings and Reduced Health Care Utilization Associated with Participation in a Digital Diabetes Prevention Program in an Adult Workforce Population. JHEOR. 2020;7(2):139-147. doi:10.36469/jheor.2020.14529