Omada is an innovative health program that can help you save money and change lives.

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working with us

We offer each employer and health plan a full-service team - at no cost - to make launching the program delightfully easy.

Target Those At Risk
target those at risk

We help you identify the people within your population most at risk for developing costly but largely preventable chronic conditions, like type 2 diabetes or heart disease.

Custom Campaign
custom campaign

We design and launch a custom communication and enrollment campaign to inspire interest and sign-up.

Tech Included
tech included

We send every enrolled participant a wireless digital scale, pedometer, exercise bands (and more!) directly to their doorstep in time for kick-off.

Each participant is paired with a personal health coach and online peer group for daily feedback and constant support.

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Performance Only Billing
performance-only billing

We align our success with yours by billing exclusively on true engagement and clinical outcomes. That means you only pay for those participants who engage and excel in the program.

Bill Through Medical Claims
bill through medical claims

As a scientifically-based intervention with peer-reviewed outcomes, Omada can be billed directly through medical claims.

On Going Support
on-going support

After the more intense initial 16 weeks, participants are offered on-going support to ensure they maintain or deepen their weight loss and healthier habits over time.