It’s Time to Meet the Challenge: Offering No Cost Digital Care in a Moment of Collective Anxiety

Today, Omada announced that we were making our Behavioral Health Program for stress, anxiety, and depression available to any employer or health plan in the United States, at no cost, for up to six months. Organizations interested in taking advantage of this offer should contact their Omada representative, or email

We are living in an extended moment of unprecedented crisis that is manifesting in deeply personal ways. Millions across the country are currently experiencing increased levels of stress, anxiety, and depression in response to COVID-19, and the demand and need for mental health support far exceed the available supply. Social distancing requirements make the digital delivery of this care ever-more important. We are in an era that calls on every person and organization to do what they can for those around us, and offering Omada for Behavioral Health at no cost for the next six months is one step that Omada can take to answer that call.

Over the course of the next six months, we will be providing behavioral support for stress, anxiety, and depression beyond our existing customers by extending the offer to any business or health plan that wants it for their population and dependents. Every participant enrolled in the program will be matched with a dedicated coach, and given access to a host of resources to build long-term techniques to manage stress and anxiety. All Omada for Behavioral Health coaches are supported by licensed specialists like social workers, who provide screening and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). For individuals who express a need that goes beyond the capabilities of our program alone, our coaches are able to refer and connect them to employer or plan resources, external care, or emergency contacts where needed and appropriate. Omada for Behavioral Health also includes a 24/7 crisis line.

The last few weeks have made it clear that true human connection is invaluable in our daily lives, and in healthcare. We will continue to enroll individuals in this offering until we reach our maximum available capacity. What does that mean? Our program, and technology, empower our human coaches to deliver personal care at scale. But while technology and resources are foundational, Omada’s human coaches are the core of all of our programs, including Omada for Behavioral Health. They are the ones communicating with our participants, designing personal care pathways, and providing the true human empathy that technology alone can’t replace. So we will continue to enroll participants in this offering as long as our coaches have the capacity to effectively deliver care that keeps the safety of our participants at the center.  

We founded Omada Health in 2011, with a mission to leverage a combination of people, technology, design, and data science to deliver clinical care from afar. The hope was that by bringing care into people’s pockets and homes, we could expand reach, access, and affordability while making care more personal and adaptable for those dealing with multiple chronic issues. Across the country, the COVID-19 crisis is putting unimaginable stressors on people who need care. Many of them are finding that in-person is not an option. This reality makes our mission more important than ever, and our team is working around the clock to support our participants, and our customers, in ways that evolve by the hour. 

Today’s announcement is our opportunity to help how we can -- meeting the needs of our participants, customers, and organizations around the U.S. It’s also an opportunity for our company to meet the moment in the way we know best: by delivering digital care that makes a difference in people’s lives, one small step at a time.